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This article was published in Linux Journal in 2014 [1]. BTRFS and ZFS are two options for protecting against data corruption. Which one should you use, and how should you use it? For a long time, the software RAID implementation in the Linux kernel has worked well to protect data against drive failure. It provides […]



This version starts the re-write of Bonnie++! I will make it totally threaded (the new code does not use fork()). It will also support testing with a specified number of threads doing the same test, this will allow you to reallythrash those RAID arrays! bonnie++-1.98.tgz – Allow specifying the number of random seeks and the […]


TED Talks I Like

2004: Steven Levitt gave an interesting and surprising talk about the economics of crack dealing. 2009: Dan Pink gave an interesting talk about motivation disproving many theories related to the effectiveness of financial incentives 2013: Greg Asner gave an interesting talk about ecology with some ground-breaking visualisation. Everything by Dan Ariely, he talks about psychology […]



ETBE Mon is my fork of the traditional Unix system and network monitoring system “Mon” by Jim Trocki. My aim with this fork is to take the best patches available for the existing Mon codebase and the best “contrib” monitoring scripts and include them in one package. I also aim to write all scripts necessary […]


RAM Speed according to Memtest86+

Here are some speed results for RAM according to Memtest86+ on some machines that I have run. Note that the reported speed varies between runs by a few percent. Thinkpad 600e PentiumII 400Mhz PC-66 RAM (2 DIMMs) 174MB/s Compaq P3-866MHz PC133 RAM (3 DIMMs, 2*128 + 256) 190MB/s Compaq Athlon 1GHz PC133 RAM (3 DIMMs) […]


DKIM and Mailing Lists

The Problem DKIM is a standard for digitally signing mail to prove it’s authenticity and prove that it was not modified. In an ideal situation it can be used to reject corrupted or forged messages. DMARC and ADSP are standards for indicating that mail from a domain should be signed. This prevents hostile parties from […]



Here are the details of some Mon tests I run: DNS The following tests the local DNS cache. I didn’t use in my real tests, I used the domain of a multi-national corporation that has a very short DNS timeout that seems related to their use of the Akamai CDN. I won’t tell people […]


Debian Repositories

Here is a list of the Debian repositories I maintain. I include sources.list lines both directly and via a TOR Hidden Service (see Petter’s blog post about TOR and APT [1]). All my repositories support i386 and amd64 architectures. Not all packages will be supported in both architectures. In the past I’ve had to rebuild […]


Free Educational Android Apps

This post has a list of educational apps for Android phones and tablets that I have discovered. I can’t claim that each app is the best for it’s purpose, but I’ve tested out each one and found it to be useful. I am separating the lists into apps that have full functionality when offline and […]


Intellectual Android Games

Here is a list of Android games that involve thinking: Chess Unblock Me – the classic game of moving blocks to slide a block out Go – Japanese board game Minecraft Pocket Edition Cut the Rope games The Sims Freeplay Monument Valley Bad Piggies Engineer: Cars Stone Flips (like Lights Out) The Room