Good TV Series

Here is a list of TV series that I consider worth watching.

Babylon 5 1993 – SciFi with a good story and special effects that were outstanding by 1993 standards and still quite decent by 2024 standards. The West Wing 1999 – one of the best political drama shows. This is NOT like Yes Minister […]

Good Movies

Blade Runner 1982 – still a good movie but interpreted differently by today’s standards. The sequel sucks. Dune 1984 – the original version, I didn’t like the remake. Subway 1985 – a weird French film that’s strangely captivating. Alien Nation 1988 – former slaves from outer space seek refuge in the US. DOA 1988 […]

Free Short Stories

Here are some free short science-fiction stories that I enjoyed reading:

Thoughts and Prayers by Ken Liu is an insightful story about trolling and the NRA types. Maneki Neko by Bruce Sterling is an interesting story about a networked gift economy, I’d like to join such a network! The Exterminator’s Want Ad by Bruce Sterling […]

Free Books

Here are some free books that I have downloaded and read:

Cory Doctorow’s book Eastern Standard Tribe was the first novel I read on my computer. His other novels are linked here. The novelette A Colder War by Charles Stross is really good. The novel Accelerando by Charles Stross is very well written and has […]