Good Movies

  • Blade Runner 1982 – still a good movie but interpreted differently by today’s standards. The sequel sucks.
  • Dune 1984 – the original version, I didn’t like the remake.
  • Subway 1985 – a weird French film that’s strangely captivating.
  • Alien Nation 1988 – former slaves from outer space seek refuge in the US.
  • They Live 1988 – classic SciFi movie about aliens brainwashing everyone on Earth.
  • La Femme Nikita 1990 – one of the classics of spy action drama.
  • Clerks 1994 – very funny and moderately offensive.
  • Léon: The Professional 1994 – interesting take on a hitman and the young girl he guards.
  • The Usual Suspects 1995 – famous and memorable film.
  • The Celebration (Danish: Festen) 1998 – a very memorable and artistic movie notable for it’s lack of special effects. Avoid spoilers.
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998 – British crime noir.
  • Pi 1998 – while Wall St is crashing a mathematician tries to discover the nature of god and the universe. I didn’t like the end.
  • Ronin 1998 – one of the better spy/action movies with a good car chase.
  • Being John Malkovich 1999 – strange and interesting movie, avoid spoilers.
  • Office Space 1999 – insightful satire of office work.
  • Memento 2000 – an unusual film about memory loss, avoid spoilers.
  • Snatch 2000 – British crime-comedy noir.
  • The Road to Perdition 2002 – one of the best crime movies.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 – interesting movie about memory erasure.
  • The Man from Earth 2007 – a professor claims to be a long-lived caveman.
  • Inception 2010 – interesting movie about invading dreams.
  • Bright 2017 – elves and orcs are living alongside humans in the US. Has some similar elements to Alien Nation but fantasy.
  • The Circle 2017 – a movie about a Facebook like company. Interesting and amusing.
  • Bullet Train 2022 – funny and absurd movie.
  • The Menu 2022 – psychological drama about an obsessed gourmet chef and his fans.
  • Poker Face 2022 – very Australian take on a hostage movie.
  • Vespa/Vesper 2022 – artistic movie about biohacking.
  • Robots 2023 – comedy with a new take on robots impersonating people.

Time Travel and Alternate Universe

  • Run Lola Run 1998 – a pioneer in the redo it genre.
  • Primer 2004 – interesting time-travel movie.
  • Coherence 2013 – really good acting and production, but I can’t understand the hostility.
  • Arrival 2016 – really different, AVOID SPOILERS.
  • Tenet 2020 – really needs to be watched in 4K with subtitles. Interesting time-travel movie. Some similarities to Primer but more action. Don’t worry about spoilers because it’s hard enough to understand anyway.

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