Good TV Series

Here is a list of TV series that I consider worth watching.

  • Babylon 5 1993 – SciFi with a good story and special effects that were outstanding by 1993 standards and still quite decent by 2024 standards.
  • The Big Bang Theory 2007 – OK comedy series with almost all the main characters being Autistic.
  • Dollhouse 2009 – SciFi about renting out people’s bodies with constructed personalities and skillsets downloaded. When logical analysis of possible scientific developments leads to horror. But it’s presented as action/drama.
  • Person of Interest 2011 – started as an action show but became more SciFi with two competing AI systems.
  • The OA 2016 – strange SciFi/Fantasy series, first season was great but the second season was boring IMHO. This isn’t the type of show that people like a bit, probably most people will love it or hate it.
  • Dark Matter 2015 (NOT the 2024 series). About people who wake from cryogenic sleep in a star ship with no memory of their names or background and find themselves in a war.
  • The Good Place 2016, comedy series about people going to heaven with a lot of discussion of philosophy. Could be used to teach children about philosophy.
  • Travellers 2016 – time travel by reprogramming the brains of people in the past who were about to die.
  • Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda – SciFi series about the fall of the “Commonwealth” and attempts to rebuild it. Interesting plot lines about parasites trying to break away from their genetic programming and AIs being somewhat human.
  • The Lazarus Project 2022 – interesting new take on time travel, avoid spoilers.

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