Debian Repositories

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Here is a list of the Debian repositories I maintain.

All my repositories support the amd64 architecture.


I’ve got a bunch of old Buster repositories. Apart from the SE Linux one I don’t think that any of them provide much benefit at this time. I’m not supporting Buster SE Linux nowadays except as a consulting service.

deb buster selinux
deb buster misc
deb buster wordpress


Bullseye are the main supported repositories at the moment. The WordPress repository is probably most useful. The misc repository has backports of mon packages and packages for my custom management scripts which are probably most useful for the source.

deb bullseye selinux
deb bullseye misc
deb bullseye wordpress


Bookworm is for the next release of Debian, probably not very useful to other people right now.

deb bullseye misc

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