Debian Repositories

Here is a list of the Debian repositories I maintain. I include sources.list lines both directly and via a TOR Hidden Service (see Petter’s blog post about TOR and APT [1]).

All my repositories support i386 and amd64 architectures. Not all packages will be supported in both architectures. In the past I’ve had to rebuild lots of i386 packages to avoid execmem while amd64 packages needed no changes due in part to amd64 having more registers. But sometimes I just don’t need a package on an architecture for my own systems.

While I aim to make i386 and amd64 equally usable for everyone for SE Linux and WordPress the misc repository is mostly to suit my own needs.


Currently the only repository I have for Stretch is for WordPress. I will probably have a SE Linux repository soon.

I am no longer updating the Jessie repository for WordPress, but I expect that the Stretch packages will work on Jessie without any problems. So you can use the Stretch repository if you are still running Jessie.

deb stretch wordpress

deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion stretch wordpress


The SE Linux repository has policy and various updates of Jessie packages for better support as well as backports from testing/unstable. The backport of systemd has no support for AppArmor as supporting that was inconvenient and it’s impossible to run both SE Linux and AppArmor at the same time.

The misc repository has random changes that aren’t liked by the Debian maintainer, backports, etc. Currently the only thing in there is a build of Sendmail that uses const more often in Milter headers.

The wordpress repository has lots of things that I haven’t added to Debian because of the difficulty in providing useful security support. Also the Jessie WordPress repository worked with a wheezy system last time I tested, it depends on the latest version of WordPress not on any other package.

deb jessie selinux
deb jessie misc
deb jessie wordpress

deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion jessie selinux
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion jessie misc
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion jessie wordpress


The wheezy repositories for SE Linux, misc, and WordPress have much the same aims as the Jessie versions – but I’ve had more time to work on them. Note that I am no longer updating the WordPress repository.

The ZFS repository is only for amd64. I generally don’t recommend that people use it. Install ZFS from I created the wheezy repository before they created their repository. I’m not deleting it because it MIGHT be useful in some situation.

deb wheezy selinux
deb wheezy misc
deb wheezy wordpress
deb wheezy zfs

deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion wheezy selinux
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion wheezy misc
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion wheezy wordpress
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion wheezy zfs


I’ve got a bunch of old Squeeze repositories. Apart from the SE Linux one I don’t think that any of them provide much benefit at this time. I’m not supporting Squeeze SE Linux nowadays except as a consulting service.

deb squeeze selinux
deb http://6kbiotdr2vvb7ftu.onion squeeze selinux

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