Log Tools

The Logtools package contains a number of programs for managing log files (mainly for web servers).

  • clfmerge will merge a number of Common Logfile Format web log files into a single file while also re-ordering them in a sliding window to cope with web servers that generate log entries with the start-time of the request and write them in order of completion.
  • logprn operates like tail -f but will (after a specified period of inactivity) spawn a process and write the new data in the log file
    to it’s standard input.
  • clfsplit will split up a single CLF format web log into a number of files based on the client’s IP address.
  • funnel will write it’s standard-input to a number of files or processes.
  • clfdomainsplit split a CLF format web log containing fully qualified URLs (including the host name) into separate files, one for each host.


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