Computer Related Power Use

Below are some test results of other devices related to computers. Eventually I aim to discover some information on the best types of switches, hubs, and monitors to use for power. I include the air-filter because I believe that every small server room (IE one that doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars spent on air-conditioning and filtering) should have a small air filter.

BenQ 17inch 1280×1024 TFT monitor active 32W
Phillips 15inch 1024×768 TFT monitor 31W
Cabletron Smartswitch 2200, 24*10baseT, 2*100baseT two PSU 52W
Cabletron Smartswitch 2200, 24*10baseT, 2*100baseT one PSU 45W
Sunbeam Air Filter (fastest) 114W
Sunbeam Air Filter (slowest) 13.9W

Here is the Computer Power Use page [1].

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