thanks.txt on my Play Machine

On my SE Linux Play Machine I have a file in the root home directory named thanks.txt_append_only_dont_edit_with_vi which users can append random comments to. It kept slowly growing from the time of Fedora Core 2 to today, here is the text. Any text within brackets is my response to a question.

you can send messages […]

Installing SE Linux on Debian/Lenny

Currently Debian/Lenny contains all packages needed to run SE Linux. Development continues so there are periodic updates which sit in Unstable for a while before migrating to Lenny (testing).

I have set up my own APT repository for SE Linux packages. This has packages that need newer versions than in Lenny but which will be […]

SE Linux Magic

Here is a complete list of entries for /etc/magic related to SE Linux.

# SE Linux policy database for Fedora versions less than 5, RHEL 4, and Debian before Etch # 0      lelong  0xf97cff8c      SE Linux policy >16    lelong  x              v%d >20    […]

SE Linux Saves

Here are links to some instances when SE Linux prevented exploits from working or mitigated their damage: […]

Going Live with a Linux Server

Based on past mistakes by myself and others, here is a check-list before putting a Linux (or other Unix) server online:

Run memtest86+ (or an equivalent program for other architectures) before going live, ideally run it before installing the OS. Run it again every time you upgrade the RAM. Reboot the machine after every significant […]